Hey watched a Charles Manson Documentary his last name is Maddox, really. My Maddox was my little leader too.

Life is Hard

I miss the good old days where life was easier and no decisions had to be made .about who I love

And why I do

I can’t explain it why I see you like I do

Is it your piercing blue eyes

Or Sandy blonde hair

Is it the promise of a future

Of diamonds and flair

Promises always made.

But will they be kept,?

You expect so much

But what have I gotten back?

A beautiful dog I love so much

Nights of cuddling and Call of Duty

Is why I care for thee so much

They say your a psycho with no future in sight

That I am just a pawn to help in your plight

I don’t feel this way but your so demanding

I really can’t say?

Quit it all he says, live life on life’s terms

Yeah right I say in my head

I do try my best and more and more take less

Just to make him happy even though he’s not here

He is in my heart so close and yet so far it sometimes becomes unclear

Controlled from behind bars send me money and a 5th of your check

That is so damn stressful each month

Blowing money on commissary

What he asks is too much


But wtf I enabled his crime

With my naive nature and in his thoughts my infinite dime


Who does what I did?

Hand $300 to a meth addict?

He says it’s over and he is done

The drugs won’t take over

And he has overcome

His darkest demons, tribulations and fears

But do I see clearly through all of my tears?

I can’t answer that question to anyone who asks

Is he a real love or a pest with a mask?

Since no one else sees him how I do

Does that mean were meant for each other

Through thick and through?

We have had our dragout battles, fights by the tons

Controlling my nature he tries and has won

But can you paint a leapord and change all his spots?

Or when it next rains will it melt away all the dots?

That is something yet to be seen

Will he be my lovable lover

Or totally insane?

Only patience and time will truly tell

What the future beholds and if it will go well.





Now WordPress is way better than Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Instagram and Snapchat and all that crap. It’s about real people sharing how they feel. It’s about real subjects and no monitoring and just say whatever you want on here.



blank business composition computer
if it’s very frustrating when so many people abuse this drug. I don’t know why anybody would put it in the needle and put it in their arm with the Naltrexone in it? That seems really insane to me. Why would anybody do that I guess there’s something called a needle addiction for you just want to stab. you want to stab every part of your body and go nuts on everything trying to find some blood or a vein is not collapsed. It seems ridiculous and I hate the reputation that gives legitimate buprenorphine users. I’m not on suboxin I’m on buprenorphine and only because I don’t have urges anymore. I I wish that more opiate addicts wood go get it from a doctor and not on the street and make the rest of us have to suffer and look bad. Think about hope you had a good trying to get clean and and res respect them and leave their scripts alone don’t ask them for them, don’t steal them from them, don’t infiltrate them on the street. Go to a doctor and get it your f****** self. That’s my rant.


I need to go visit my love at the jail and it isn’t just a few hours I am so nervous and I have to keep writing these product descriptions. I got a real job and I’m so lazy I just don’t want to do it. They are so easy for me to but I have such bad ADHD that focusing is extremely difficult for me. It’s not some b******* excuse it’s real talk for real. I have true ADHD I am interested in everything and cannot focus on anythingperiod at night when my meds wear off I’m hyper and I can’t sleep. Don’t people think that it’s because the meds are kicking in.. Then why do I sleep and nap during the day?

The go plus electric bike saved my dog today. That thing will go down a way over 15 degree angle down or straight Hill to catch up pEagle in his barking Glory if you’re wondering this is a beagle and Pitbull mix. His name is Max.

He is a very naughty boy. Luckily my grandfather’s best friend was at the golf course and took me up on a golf cart with my little go plus electric bike that has an average of 12 miles per hour. More accurately like 11. 28 LOL. I wiped out on Route 12 in Greene New York the other day while I was texting my mother. I was trying to get my letter to my boyfriend who is in jail LOL.

I don’t give a s*** I love someone in jail who cares? Any one of us in the world could end up in jail. Jesus ended up in jail so don’t judge and be a hater. I appreciate that you haven’t been caught for your crimes and that these people are doing your time for you. That’s a real way to look at it.


So I’m a customer service rep zwerl rating for a spy camera company and also trying to work for an app in Project which is 12 bucks an hour. What a dilemma. My love is in jail and I don’t like it

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