Zwerl and Heysphere

I am going to show you where I’ve been making money and having a good time. Have you heard of Zwerl? It is a community of chat experts and users who work for 10 minutes a piece to get a percentage of the total amount of people in the room top of Mount. It is based upon reputation of each user. Each chat you can earn 100 points to 300 points and get a percentage of the chat.

Earn and Learn

It is generally somewhere between a dollar 80 and $2.04 for the average person and however many people are in that chat you divide it up and then 10 minutes that’s what you get. If they vote at the end. On average you make like between four and eight dollars an hour. You pick the topics that you excell I  and you go to the chats that you want to with the experts say you want to. Now it’s required that you vote at the end of each chat or you will not get any percentage of the pie basically.

Great Fun

it is a worldwide app and there is a lot of amazing people on there. People from all over the world who have information and knowledge at the tip of their fingers.conversational search engine experts work together to give you the answers to your enquiries that you so highly desire. They get this information for you within 10 minutes and the least you can do is vote for them or you vote for somebody and then the experts can vote for each other and everybody gets a little bit of money. If you have enough personality and Spark to carry on a conversation in a room then this is a job for you. If you can’t run a room then you don’t want to bother..

Watch First

Ask questions first and try to learn what’s going on and just like comments and do simple things like add to the conversation before you jump in and try to do a chat and make money. Practicing makes perfect on this app. You’ll have to understand what it’s site that explains it in more detail is at

this is my own personal site and it is not affiliated with the owners of the original site and anyway. It is only to help users navigate around and to show that is a real legitimate job opportunity. We’ve all been screwed enough that we don’t need to screw each other on fake job so this is one of the better legitimate opportunities for at homework I found.

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