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if it’s very frustrating when so many people abuse this drug. I don’t know why anybody would put it in the needle and put it in their arm with the Naltrexone in it? That seems really insane to me. Why would anybody do that I guess there’s something called a needle addiction for you just want to stab. you want to stab every part of your body and go nuts on everything trying to find some blood or a vein is not collapsed. It seems ridiculous and I hate the reputation that gives legitimate buprenorphine users. I’m not on suboxin I’m on buprenorphine and only because I don’t have urges anymore. I I wish that more opiate addicts wood go get it from a doctor and not on the street and make the rest of us have to suffer and look bad. Think about hope you had a good trying to get clean and and res respect them and leave their scripts alone don’t ask them for them, don’t steal them from them, don’t infiltrate them on the street. Go to a doctor and get it your f****** self. That’s my rant.

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