The go plus electric bike saved my dog today. That thing will go down a way over 15 degree angle down or straight Hill to catch up pEagle in his barking Glory if you’re wondering this is a beagle and Pitbull mix. His name is Max.

He is a very naughty boy. Luckily my grandfather’s best friend was at the golf course and took me up on a golf cart with my little go plus electric bike that has an average of 12 miles per hour. More accurately like 11. 28 LOL. I wiped out on Route 12 in Greene New York the other day while I was texting my mother. I was trying to get my letter to my boyfriend who is in jail LOL.

I don’t give a s*** I love someone in jail who cares? Any one of us in the world could end up in jail. Jesus ended up in jail so don’t judge and be a hater. I appreciate that you haven’t been caught for your crimes and that these people are doing your time for you. That’s a real way to look at it.

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