Full Zwerl Review

Greetings and Your Personal Welcome to Zwerl Guide

Thank you for coming as well to read about making money online. Zwerl legit website review. you for taking the time to check this out.   You might be wondering why someone showed you this. Well the answer is they saw potential in you and wanted to share some tips and tricks in some rules of Zwerl to you. We have shown many experts both new and old and have asked their opinion and given access making it like Wikipedia so that everyone can change it. I had help from some  wise experts, one named Tulip SR who is absolutely one of the 10 best experts on here, to guide me and I give her equal credit for her amazing assistance. She is amazing at the guidelines and rules and getting them quickly so she helped me to make this from a tips site into an all-over site. I’m going to tell you how much I like this website. I have been searching for a long time to find somewhere that I could legitimately make money and enjoy myself as well. The great thing about this site is that you can change people’s lives with your answers. You can make people feel better about a medical problem that they think they have that may not be so serious or you may save their life because they didn’t realize it was serious. Always make sure to keep up with what is going on with the application and the website as there is no excuse for not knowing the rules. They are very strict about rules here so it’s not me giving rules it’s just me writing them down to help new expert’s become experienced expert’s.

We have added a section for contributing editors at the bottom of document so you get credit and recognized for helping out. I am hoping for sharing of it and like Wikipedia others to contribute and share their knowledge and add name at bottom to get credit for their efforts and others who see it recognize your valuable assistance. We are going to go through some rules and advice to help you get better at your job. You will love it and be successful if you follow the rules and do your best. If you want the referral bonus and don’t have a referral, and I’m not promoting us only if you do not have a code only , you can put in my code if you want https://www.heysphere.com/refer?code=0VW7WE want to help it doesn’t make much difference to me but you have to do it before you get 500 points NCVUWT.

Great Fun and Benefits to the App

Please understand This is a work-in-progress that I will continue to add information in and I want others to add in it as well. In the customer service chats we get asked a lot of questions about when we will get paid, is this legitimate and will they make money. The answer is yes!  If you work very part time you can make about $200 a month US dollars if you work full time you can meet between 500 and $1000 a month. It can be your full-time job or you’re part-time job. You choose when you answer questions. The most important thing is you just have to be choosing chats in your particular area of expertise. You want to be aware of the topic and be able to have a conversation about it for 10 minutes. If you have enough knowledge about a topic that you can talk for 10 minutes then you may click off the box it says expert in that arena. It is under “answer”  and add topics. You can choose your topics from hundreds of available options. You can do the general option for topic areas or you can do a more specific type of expertise. You only want to put down topics that you can confidently answer the question in a way that is very useful to the user. We make money by keeping this platform active and having experts be users and users be experts. That is why they give you a community bonus which I explain in more detail below and This is an update it varies between $.10 and two dollars depending on how active you are in your first chat for the day. You will also get voted for in chats in most situations as long as you are actively participating in the chat, and if you are hitting the thumbs up as well as liking other experts comments, hold down the thumbs up button or click on the entire comment and it will say like or challenge.  If you hit the challenge button that means you don’t agree with what they’re saying or you want more information on what they are saying. This will alert the user without embarrassing them that you have a question for them about why they answered that way .Always like other experts comments and be engaging and assertive in the chat. P0

An Interesting Way to Look at This

We’re going to do an analogy here to see if it’s the best way to explain to those reading this. Try to look at Zwerl as a ten minute networking cocktail party. On a piece of paper there is a list and you are  supposed to vote at the end of the cocktail party who was the most engaging person in the cocktail party. So you vote for somebody and I’m going to try to find an easy way to explain the payment. Everyone including yourself and everyone else votes for somebody. Your vote is worth 100 reputation points and a percentage of how many people are in the room. We will say there are 6 partygoers and one host. The host of the cocktail party gets double points or 200! to the person who they find most engaging. During the party everyone is looking for the most outgoing and friendly people. Then everyone at the party is going to vote at the end you will most likely get a vote or two maybe more. You get a percentage of the maximum that you can get on that chat. No one gets paid every time they chat, even experienced users of the platform. Its not always guaranteed for every chat only the first chat of the day you get guaranteed ten cents to 2$ and generally if you type enough the dollar if you are actively participating. Keep working and talking in group chats and you will get voted in some. the rest of the chats You will learn to get better and better at it and get a higher percentage of paid Chats than the non-paid chats you, you have to work hard for your payment.

The more questions you ask, the more experienced you will get as well. Inquiring teaches you how other experts answer and conduct themselves in chats. This is where you can focus on how experts answer questions instead of focusing on trying to make money. It is a great way to train yourself. It is also a good idea to go into chats and just like other experts comments and stay quiet and just say hello or say something like @Amber I agree with you@Amber. There’s a feature where you type @ the experts name to let them know you were trying to catch their attention. In these situations you will at least get credit for the chat and badges for giving out likes. But it is crucial you vote at the end of every chat or you will not get paid that is in mistake that many make because the chats lock up a lot. In order to vote sometimes you have to click out of the app especially on an iPhone almost 10 to 15 times sometimes. Close out every single window period on an Android it is usually just one to a couple of times you have to close out. When you return to the app you will have an option to vote. If you don’t see an option to vote and you tried this technique of closing the window many times then make sure you speak to customer service by searching for customer service underneath the answer question tag.

Working With Other Experts

If you are new and are just starting to explore Zwerl then we  are happy to have you . What kind of person makes a good  conversational search engine specialist ? I will give you some personality qualities that  make the perfect employee for this app.

  • Very outgoing
  • Can speak English very well as other languages are not allowed unless you’re under the translation topic.
  • Have expertise in a few different areas examples would be gardening, biking, medical advice, relationship advice, and be able to also be a generalist expert which is someone that answers general questions and just knows a lot of information about things in general
  • Extremely fast researcher. As soon as you see the question pop-up go to your search engine and start looking for an answer to the question that is asked. Do not copy and paste write it in your own words.
  • Someone that is honest and when they see something that is going against the policy of the app then they turn it in in the customer service chat rooms.
  • Someone who is non-discriminatory and open minded
  • Someone who is patient and understands that you won’t get paid every chat but that doesn’t mean you didn’t do a good job, sometimes the user just forgets to vote and they got locked out and didn’t understand how to get back in. You can’t let this bother you
  • Somebody that works extremely well with others because this is the basis of our platform is working with other experts to find a solution to the user’s inquiry. Someone that contribute to other experts skills and appreciate them and works well with the group
  • Favorites bonus update Favorites allow users and experts to direct message each other 24/7. Experts are paid per user message sent, depending on how much reputation they have. 

We need competent and energetic workers that’s for sure. People who speak English and are open minded and love to help others. It is truly a philanthropist job where you make a difference in people’s lives. It is a completely non discriminatory environment. All people are to be treated equal and with respect regardless of number of points they have. We were all new once. This is all about community and you need to be willing to thumbs up other experts and make sure to give them credit where credit is due and you have to do a lot of public relations as well. You want to build great relationships with your Co experts so you get their respect. Once you gain the respect then when they see you in a chat then they are more likely to vote for you if they see you are consistent and have good answers. You may have favorites and friends but voting for them is something that has to be done fairly. If you are together in a chat and they did their best  then of course vote for them.

Be Fair Always

You have found a truly amazing and legitimate way to make money and meet great people from around the globe! Building friends is fine just make sure that you are not creating fake chat request so that they answer them and vote you up. That is banned behavior and not acceptable. It is great to have favorites and talk to them but if there is someone else in a chat that you’re both in, if you vote for them , the answers must be the ones you would pick anyways regardless i’ve who is on your favorite list . Understandyour favorites may not always vote for you because you don’t have the best answer in that chat. But if they do have the best answer you may vote for them. This happens a lot in customer service where there is only a limited amount of experts. We run into each other a lot and try our best to make sure we are fair to each other and vote fairly say you have a friend you talk to everyday. Example Your co expert- Her name is Jen and you and Jen and up and a lot of chats together. You vote for her and then you see another chat you’re in so you vote for her again and then there’s another chat and you vote for her again. Do you think it’s fair that you voted for her three times in a row? This is a moral issue if she really did the best job then she deserves it but if you did it because you’re friends then it’s not right and someone else is losing out. So basically just make sure you are voting fairly and you can always vote a friend as long as they have the best answer just don’t abuse that privilege for each other.

How to Succeed

In order to succeed here I have gathered up a Few Tips on various FAQ some have in an informative format that I hope you find easy to understand. This is a conversational search engine. The search engines and investors pay to have us give users informative and high-quality answers. They have implemented some new measures to make sure that experts are answering questions appropriately. There is a? And a like button that you can click if you either like a person’s comment or you want to question them further about it without having to undermine them and chat.

Going In the Main Answer Rooms

In the room, you want to be engaging in the chats.

  • Introduce yourself with a response to their question. Show them that you are already looking into it and you still recognize and up to say hello. For example, if the question is what year was World War II started, you can respond with hello my name is so-and-so and from my research I have found that World War II starts in…. when you see the question be prepared as much as you can to enter the chat and hurry and do whatever research that you can or answer with something like if you don’t understand the question how could I help you today?
  • Be outgoing and  friendly
  • like other people’s comments with the like button
  • answer only chats you can confidently answer
  • if another expert says something intelligent tell them that you agree and use their name.
  • Do the community bonus. Each day excluding customer service chat requests, ask a question that engages the experts into an interesting conversation. you get 4 percent bonus a day for each question per day up to 20 percent. So it goes up to that and if you miss a day it goes back to 16 percent or drops 4 percent. So ask each day in any category but customer service. Use that for app related questions.
  • Be empathetic and let the user know you understand how they feel. Tell them you get it and will do your best to answer in the most efficient way possible. Don’t say things like ” is that all” “anything else” or anything that implies you are rushing them.
  • Don’t ever ask anyone to favorite you. Instead say if you enjoyed this chat you may add any of our engaging experts who are all qualified to answer your questions.
  • Find a photo of you that represents you at your best self. Looking happy.
  • Use professional tone in all of your conversations. That doesn’t mean you can’t joke and have fun, just keep it professional.
  • Always give credit where credit is due. If someone else has a great answer do not copy and paste them, acknowledge their expertise and let them know that you appreciate their answer.
  • If a user asks a question that is completely unrelated to the topic at hand, kindly redirect them and screenshot where they should go or explain which section they should answer under.
  • Always remember to vote at the end of each chat. You do not get credited if you do not vote or say I don’t know.
  • This is a safe community, so we do not like to have highly sexual images being displayed or being used as a dating app. You can of course make friends, this is encouraged but always treat them with respect, they are your co experts.
  • The site requires you to speak in English, unless it is under a translation tag. It is to make sure everyone understands each other and everyone including headquarters can see what is going on. This is to keep it a safe atmosphere. Under translation tag, you may use another language.
  • Always vote fairly and for who genuinely did the most work and did their absolute best in the chat. If you find that more than one person did a good job you can add that second person or third or as many as you like to favorites to show them that you supported their answer and thought they also did a good job. Then you can talk to these people further. Just do not endorse yourself or ask for votes in anyway.
  • If it’s a very new user and you want to teach them about the favorites section tell them this. At the end of the chat make sure that you vote so that you get credit for the chat as well as the expert in here. If there’s anyone in here that you would like to talk to further any of the qualified expert‘s that you have spoken to will be more than happy to talk to you more in favorites which you can add at the end of the chat.
  • Only enter a chat when you have the undivided attention to do so. If you are busy with your kids or have to let the dog out and you can’t find them, leave the chat so that you’re not given credit on accident when you had something else going on.
  • I understand that there is a lot of new users and sometimes chats are packed with 40 expert. It can be hard to remember who did work and who didn’t. In this case you want to pay attention and maybe have a notebook and he with the first letter of their name when you noticed they’re doing a good job or some kind a way to track and remember the name of who you’re going to vote for. In other words just pay attention so you can really see who is trying hard.

Favorite Chats

Favorite chats give you a chance to talk one on one with an expert of your choice or user. It varies on reputation what you get paid per message sent by the person who favorited you. It depends on their reputation. Follow link below to learn more. It is more a small bonus and is more for just enjoying learning from others and helping out. Now there are still some updates on who gets paid and how much if it is split or given to one expert who added the other. Please keep up with updates and I will as well.  If you are using the app you can see that we have a Feedback button that is frequently used in order to get updates. That is how they give us information from headquarters. I am a customer service rep but I’m also just the regular user of the platform an expert just like you. I chose to try to be part of the solution and make it a better platform by coming up with the training guide even though it’s not perfect by any means I’m trying my best with some help. . No personal info sharing because the main issue  at Zwerl is


  • Always remember that they may be your co expert and work with you, But lately they have had an open access type of situation so not all users are here for the right reasons. Any want to give this to is somebody that is here for the right reasons and wants to help Me with this I call it  open shareware. I want this like Wikipedia where everyone can contribute something if I’m missing something. At the bottom there will be updates when we get a new update

No Social Media Posting EVER

Give me a referral who you wish but you have to do it personally and understand you’re taking responsibility for that individuals actions on the platform if you invite them. You don’t want them to reflect negatively on you or ever act in a way that is considered to be abuse of the system. This type of activities are asking someone to create a chat for you and vote for you especially if you didn’t help much answering the question. Always voting for the same person and showing favoritism is frowned on. Treat each chat as a completely separate gig let’s say You can have a lot of fun on here and make great money. Treat it like you would any other job and follow those rules. It is intended to keep everyone safe. Most importantly do not give personal information out like your facebook, twitter etc. We have very engaging favorite chats where you can share images and record your voice so there is no need to go offline to talk or send anything. It is all incorporated, and like I said it is great to make friends and get to know your co-experts just treat them like you want to be treated and follow the rules. If you have any questions regarding any rules, you may ask under the customer service tag and these experts are hand chosen by headquarters to help you stay on track with the rules.

Try adding Topics

The above photograph shows were you can add topics. It is on the page were you answer questions. Go through the sections and confidently pick topics that you think you can answer adequately. If you do not have experience but want to learn more then go pick those topics you want to learn more about and watch in the rooms and just like comments and take it slow. Now the question everybody wants answered.

When Do we Get Paid?

Payment comes between the first and 19th of the month. The 19th is the very very very latest. It is technically from the 1st to the 15th UK business days, but remember, there is a lot of us and Zwerl is a very legitimate application so it takes time to make sure we are all paid correctly.Personally I have been paid on the sixth, ninth, 11th, and 15th of the last four months. Watch for this email to see when you are paid. It will go directly in your bank account.

Please be patient with the system as there are bugs that still need to be worked out as it still technically in beta. If you’re going to refer anybody please make sure it’s someone you personally know like your sister, a best friend that you know would be good at it, do not ever post or talk about the site on social media like Facebook Instagram or Twitter. Always remember that the question that the user asks may be serious and you need to be very professional when answering. Don’t ever judge or insult the user. Even if they say something that you might find a little strange, If you are uncomfortable leave the chat and report it if it is something that is inappropriate and against the terms of service.

Some links for you from Headquarters


Beginning Your Journey


Rules on behavior within the app and turning in inappropriate chats


Payment Questions and Answers


Creating chat requests


Answering requests


Disclaimer- Created by Dr. Leesa Sage who created this from experience and the links are rules are owned by Heysphere.com. This is a guide written by an expert on the app and website and not an official Representative of the site. It is simply made for favorites I met on the site to help them out. Zwerl image owned by Heysphere.com. It is your choice or not Whether to follow the advice or simply use the links provided to get answers from the direct headquarters of the Zwerl app.

Contributing Editors and Assistants on this Guide

if you helped even one correction add your Zwerl handle here if you wish.

Tulip SR❤️

Kyle Ibanez

D Curtis

Final Tips For Zwerl

  • Do not share a bank account with anyone else as this is no longer allowed. We used transferwise check and see if it is available in your country. If it is not, you can get it in a plan that’s called borderless.
  • This is a 10-minute chat so you want to get into things as quickly as possible it’s good to greet the user but say something like hello the answer to your question is or along those lines.
  • If you going to customer service it doesn’t count for your check for the day it is like going to the costumer service desk at your favorite retailer. They do their best to help you and guide you to the higher-ups if they don’t have the answers.
  • Make sure to vote at the end of each chat or you won’t get any credit for what you did even if you were the only one talkin unfortunately you have to vote for somebody else if there happens to be two of you and there and only one of you did work you’re kind of stuck voting for them anyway but that user recognizes your efforts.
  • Customer Service Experts cannot give you an exact date for getting paid. They can give you a range of the 1st to the 19th which is the 1st to the 15th plus two weekends that don’t count in the UK. Generally I can only speak from my opinion and experience I got paid on the 6th one the month, the 9th one month and the 11th another month so you can kind of expect it smack dab in the middle.
  • This is written by users of the app to try to make it easier for new users to understand it. There is no payment involved in creating this and it is just for sharing and learning purposes to make our community a better place.

Money Making opportunity

I want to introduce to you Zwerl. it is a conversational search engine where experts answer your questions in real time. They assist you in searching for things. It is very effective in making friends. Jobs Philippines, jobs India. They have great jobs for those countries.

My goal

I am trying to make enough to get an apartment for when Dustin Curtis is available again. He has an account as well as myself but mine is almost at 100k rep at 84.1k I believe at this time.

Love me some Heysphere

If you have trouble getting on the website then you can try a few things to make it easier. Favorites at this moment or not working quite well so you can go through your profile and get there that way. Go on the profile and then go through your answers and your questions to the favorite section and talk to your favorites that way. I hope this is helpful.

Heysphere and Zwerl

If you were looking for a way to make some extra money I have a great way. I created a website to introduce this revolutionary new job call the conversational search engine expert. This is a group of experts that work together to find answers to your inquiries to anything you may have. You can ask questions on anything from relationships to how to start a business to gardening two tools to anyting and somebody will be there to answer your question.

Exciting Chats

The chats are each 10 minutes and you have a user and a group of experts sometimes there is one other times you could get up to 50 and the expert split the profits of the chat. Each 10 minutes goes anywhere for dollar up to $3 depending on your reputation. You have to earn your reputation. each chat you can earn either hundred points from getting endorsements from other experts or 200 points if the user endorses you and if you get it from both to get 300 points. Right now you have to build up your reputation and being a waiting line called The Q in order to start getting paid. This is your training time.


As with any site there are rules to Link to Find Zwerl. This will find you some of the information in terms of service and how to act and it is a personal website not a website Buy the actual company zwerl but by experts and users of the platform who work together to help everybody learn. Use my code NCVUWT and receive a bonus $5 when you reach 500 reputation. Click here to use Zwerl on the web: https://www.zwerl.com/refer?code=NCVUWT Click here to get the app: https://go.onelink.me/niTJ/referral


I have gotten 6 paycheck so far since May and waiting for my November one which should come around the 12th. You get paid once a month and you can work as many hours a day and unlimited as you want. They use transferwise as a payment system and if you don’t get it in your country you can use a borderless account.

Zwerl and Heysphere

I am going to show you where I’ve been making money and having a good time. Have you heard of Zwerl? It is a community of chat experts and users who work for 10 minutes a piece to get a percentage of the total amount of people in the room top of Mount. It is based upon reputation of each user. Each chat you can earn 100 points to 300 points and get a percentage of the chat.

Earn and Learn

It is generally somewhere between a dollar 80 and $2.04 for the average person and however many people are in that chat you divide it up and then 10 minutes that’s what you get. If they vote at the end. On average you make like between four and eight dollars an hour. You pick the topics that you excell I  and you go to the chats that you want to with the experts say you want to. Now it’s required that you vote at the end of each chat or you will not get any percentage of the pie basically.

Great Fun

it is a worldwide app and there is a lot of amazing people on there. People from all over the world who have information and knowledge at the tip of their fingers.conversational search engine experts work together to give you the answers to your enquiries that you so highly desire. They get this information for you within 10 minutes and the least you can do is vote for them or you vote for somebody and then the experts can vote for each other and everybody gets a little bit of money. If you have enough personality and Spark to carry on a conversation in a room then this is a job for you. If you can’t run a room then you don’t want to bother..

Watch First

Ask questions first and try to learn what’s going on and just like comments and do simple things like add to the conversation before you jump in and try to do a chat and make money. Practicing makes perfect on this app. You’ll have to understand what it’s like.my site that explains it in more detail is at http://www.heysphere.weebly.com

this is my own personal site and it is not affiliated with the owners of the original site and anyway. It is only to help users navigate around and to show that is a real legitimate job opportunity. We’ve all been screwed enough that we don’t need to screw each other on fake job so this is one of the better legitimate opportunities for at homework I found.

A Guide to Getting Your Girl to do a threesome

How To Talk to Her

Today’s culture is not the same as it was 30 years ago. Sexuality is much more open and expectations of what you will do in a relationship in bed can be startling to even the most sexually experienced person. It may come as a shock but in some relationships the question will come up “would you want to do a threesome?” Generally speaking it’s the male asking the female. In most cases it is a hypothetical question like “what would you do if there was only one hamburger left on a deserted island and four people?” There are some cases however where your partner may be genuinely interested on how you feel about this and would like to explore it further. In this case how would you go about having a threesome without it affecting your relationship? Is there any cases where it may make the relationship better?
Generally speaking it’s the male asking the female. In most cases it is a hypothetical question like “what would you do if there was only one hamburger left on a deserted island and four people?” There are some cases however where your partner may be genuinely interested on how you feel about this and would like to explore it further. In this case how would you go about having a threesome without it affecting your relationship? Is there any cases where it may make the relationship better?
No two couples are alike. Everyone acts differently with each other. Someone could be a total jerk to their ex-girlfriend and treat the next like a princess. It is all in the dynamic between you. If your boyfriend asks you if you want to have a threesome and you are considering it, you are going to want to lay down some ground rules so nobody comes out of it feeling neglected and jealous. First off the process of picking a third-party for this process can be more difficult than you would think. In fantasyland the third partner looks like a playboy model, is outgoing, understands to leave afterwards, and is respectful of your relationship. In reality though it can be hard to find somebody who wants to be the third-party in a threesome who is just doing it for the experience. The only way this can work out is if you find the girl together.
You cannot pick any of your friends or your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s. This will just lead to jealousy afterwards and unnecessary drama. Both you and your boyfriend have to enter this adventure together from beginning to end and do it all together to present a united front to the third-party. Plan a night to go out together. The two of you ideally would begin conversations with single females but it is important that The two females bond first. This establishes respect between the females and dominance. Make sure your man leaves plenty of times for you to get to know each other.
Talk to your intended target for awhile before breaching the subject matter at hand. You will get a vibe when it’s the right girl. It may take weeks or months until you find “the one.” Don’t settle, this is a special gift from you to your boyfriend and it needs to be the right girl. When the timing is right and after many drinks you can bring it up to her in a respectful way and tell her what you’re looking for. Saying something like “ We both think you are really great, and we are interested in trying something we have never done before, would you like to come over tonight no pressure or anything just see how it goes?” How you bring it up is up to you as if you got to this point in the process where you have the confidence to approach another female about having a threesome with you then you will probably come up with the perfect thing to say. Stick to your promise of it being a no pressure time. You may have to hang out with her a couple times for her to feel comfortable.

Make sure you tell the girl that it is a one time thing and it is up to you and her if you want to remain in contact afterwards but under no circumstances is she to contact your boyfriend. For this to work all communication must be done between the females. If you are going to allow a threesome you were going to have to except that a Nother woman is going to be touching your boyfriend in places only you used to. If you can’t accept this in anyway and are not comfortable with it then you should politely decline his discussions of it. If you are a curious woman who can enjoy this for what it is, a sexual experience where you are being the coolest girlfriend ever then it may just make your relationship stronger. It will show your boyfriend that you are willing to go the extra mile to make him happy.

So I wanted to talk a little bit about this conversational search engine that I work for. It is funded by investors as well as the search engines. I can’t mention the exact name because I can’t promote it on a public website but it is a large group of experts on different topics as well as regular folks who tried to answer questions on anything from Love and Life how to operate the app and questions of the day always want answered. Sometimes they make us do their homework LOL. It is a very Multicultural app which I like

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